We were all toddlers once, remember that? We were young, free… and didn’t care if we had full diapers. 



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For the majority of us, those days are long gone- mostly thanks to our parents’ endless patience and willingness to clean up after us, again and again. 

In fact, you’re probably reading this article because now, the tables have turned – it’s now your turn to teach your little one to use the toilet, and you’re probably wondering where to start.  Well, look no further, because we’ve put together a list of seven potty training hacks to help you get the process started,  while keeping your sanity intact!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with offering a little treat/a little bribe  (a small piece of candy,  a small toy etc) as an incentive to use the potty.  A little bribery never hurt anybody!

Use Reward Charts!

If you’re not keen on bribery (or on giving your kids candy), why not try to motivate them with reward charts.  Kids love stickers, and there are so many cartoon character options now – you can even make your own!

The Songs Are Always Worth A Shot

Sing ! sing! sing!! there is a very good song (and usefull) and kids adore it!! : 

If you want to go a little more high tech, why not try our award-winning potty training app “Potty Training – Learning With The Animals.” Check it out here:


It has everything kids love: songs, animals… and even animals using the potty!

For Boys, Try A Little Target Practise!

Put a cheerio in the bottom of the bowl, and get them to ‘hit the target’.  They’ll love the game and you’ll love the results.

Nobody Wants To Fall Down The Toilet…

…so stop this from happening by buying your kid their own toilet seat.  There are several varities to choose from, so the possibilities are endless!

Make Up A “Pee Pee” song

It can be to any tune you like, but the important thing is to be enthusiastic! And the best thing about kids isthat they won’t judge you!

Remember, It Takes A LOT of Time

No matter what you do, this process takes a LONG time, and that’s OK.  However, to stop staining on your toddler’s sheets, try using rubber undersheets, or even puppy pads. 

Remember, it will all work out in the end!