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Fucking Potty Training Woks

Fucking Potty Training Works!
Fucking Potty Training Works!

Fucking Potty Training Woks !

Here are the Fucking important links:

  1. Potty Training Video 1:
  2. Potty Training App Ios
  3. Potty Training App Android 
  4. Potty Training Best Book 
  5. Potty Training Song: 
  6. Potty Training Video song: Old Mac Donald Had a farm
  7. Potty Training Song – Hip Hop: 


Who said  potty training was easy…Well it can be FUCKING horrible!!  But don´t worry, with this technique! will bee soooo fun to clean his poop!!

1st rule: DO NOT START Physical potty Training (YET)

2nd rule: Only start Physical potty training when i tell you  😉

3rd rule: start with this Not-Fucking stage (fun stage)….For 1-2 months only “play/teach” theory how?

a. Every day play one game

b. Take preferred toy to the potty

c. Watch potty training cartoon videos

d. Play with potty apps

e. Read potty training books

f. Jump over the potty

g. Play flushing

h. Play saying goodby to (mom´s) pee/poo

i. Read a book over the potty (toilet closed).

j. Play ipad or iphone over the potty (and flush)

k. Go with siblings to the potty

l. Go with you to the potty

m. Go with older cousins-friends to the potty

n. Sing potty songs

o. Invent a game.

p. Tell me the game you invented in the comments 😉 

Now is time you repeat , repeat , repeat this steps.,,

then take a big breath! and start the FUCKING state!

(infographic yet to come!!!)