Mark your calendars! This is a big day! The Potty Training Olympics has begun! Little Bobby, Chrissy, Danny, Jeannie have mastered solid foods (mostly yours), the word ‘no’ is the new anthem of your home and these little darlings are refusing to be clothed from the waist down.

Potty training Hacks

The signs are everywhere.. The fully loaded diapers on your freshly polished coffee table, mysterious yet strategic puddles appear around the house, and the dog is nervous with the “Dammit, I didn’t do it!” look on his face. Straighten your back, the games have officially begun.

Here are 7 Potty Training Hack to keep you sane and the wines that pair nicely.  Let’s begin.


  1. Let little Sally choose her potty.  Style and comfort are everything.  If she likes it, she’ll be happy to use it.  Depending on the season your little darling started his or her training, a nice Australian Shiraz will take the edge off  when Sally does the limp leg fallout in Baby’s R’ Us when she wants all 3 pottys instead of 1.Potty Training Hacks
  2. Set a  regular schedule for Potty time.  A great time is after Breakfast or right after the first snack of the day.  I always chose when  the Price is Right has started so I’d having something to do while my little one examined how far his finger can go up is nose.  A mimosa fits nice right here.  If you’re concerned about the calories from all the sitting, use grapefruit juice. Potty Training Clock
  3. Staying with the theme of keeping it special and personal for little Johnny, let him have his own roll of toilet paper. Set his toilet paper right next to the family roll in the bathroom.  This encourages independence and keeps the “Milky Way” stains off of the family roll when things get messy. A Pinot Noir will slow down the tears when Johnny’s “Milky Way” stains go beyond the barriers of the bathroom and onto the arm of your sofa. Toilet training Paper Hack
  4. If you have a weak constitution, a coffee filter in the potty makes for a perfect clean up.  The accordion- style filters are ideal.  If you use the cone shape filters, the risk is higher for getting it on your hands! A Chilean Carmenere will give you a steady hand or just the giggles if nature’s body mud touches you. Potty Training Coffee Filter
  5. Sing!! there is no better one that this one “Potty Training Video for Toddlers to watch
  6. After the first release, be sure to celebrate.  It’s also a great opportunity to introduce Pull-Ups to show that they have crossed over from baby to full grown Ankle Biter.  This is a very somber moment. Your baby is growing up and this may call for a blend.. A White Bordeaux is a perfect sidekick. potty training celebration hack
  7. If you still need a few extra ideas to get you through, there are some really great books available.  Potty training learning with the animals book and app  are really popular.  If this doesn’t help, it may be time for a Bible.. A Merlot will keep you from swearing in front of the Good Word..

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