Fucking Potty Training Woks

Fucking Potty Training Works!
Fucking Potty Training Works!

Fucking Potty Training Woks !

Here are the Fucking important links:

  1. Potty Training Video 1:
  2. Potty Training App Ios
  3. Potty Training App Android 
  4. Potty Training Best Book 
  5. Potty Training Song: 
  6. Potty Training Video song: Old Mac Donald Had a farm
  7. Potty Training Song – Hip Hop: 


Who said  potty training was easy…Well it can be FUCKING horrible!!  But don´t worry, with this technique! will bee soooo fun to clean his poop!!

1st rule: DO NOT START Physical potty Training (YET)

2nd rule: Only start Physical potty training when i tell you  😉

3rd rule: start with this Not-Fucking stage (fun stage)….For 1-2 months only “play/teach” theory how?

a. Every day play one game

b. Take preferred toy to the potty

c. Watch potty training cartoon videos

d. Play with potty apps

e. Read potty training books

f. Jump over the potty

g. Play flushing

h. Play saying goodby to (mom´s) pee/poo

i. Read a book over the potty (toilet closed).

j. Play ipad or iphone over the potty (and flush)

k. Go with siblings to the potty

l. Go with you to the potty

m. Go with older cousins-friends to the potty

n. Sing potty songs

o. Invent a game.

p. Tell me the game you invented in the comments 😉 

Now is time you repeat , repeat , repeat this steps.,,

then take a big breath! and start the FUCKING state!

(infographic yet to come!!!)

Potty training video for toddlers to watch

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Princess Potty Training

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Videos de ir al baño

Aprende a dejar atrás los pañales y utilizar el orinal con un poquito de ayuda de una princesa. ¿Cómo entrenar a tu hijo para usar el orinal? Un vídeo de éxito con consejos y trucos para niños y padres. Adios pañales!!!



Cancion Pipi

Es una exelente canción para niños que acompaña a los bebés y ayuda a los padres, en el proceso de ir al baño y hacer pipi.
Canción especial para que los niños aprendan el significa

According to Babycenter : 6 smart ways to make potty training fun

babycenter 6 smart ways to make potty training fun
babycenter 6 smart ways to make potty training fun

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Copy of the article of BABY CENTER, BY LAURA FALIN

6 smart ways to make potty training fun

posted: March 16, 2016, 9:30 am

in: Toddler, You and Your Family, Potty Training, Mom Stories

Potty training is cause for celebration. Your child is almost out of diapers and getting so big!

But while it’s exciting to see your baby growing, it can be stressful, too. There will be days when it doesn’t work. There will be days when you chant to yourself, “They won’t go off to college still in diapers.” There will be days when it seems like everyone’s kid except yours is getting the hang of this.

It’s going to be okay. Eventually everything will click, and one day you’ll find yourself with a fully potty trained child (and if you’re anything like me, it’ll make you a little weepy). Take a deep breath. You got this.

And to help out, here are a few things that will make the whole potty training process more fun:

6 ways to make potty training fun

1. Read books together. One of our family’s favorite ways to get ready for any new experience is to read about it first. So when we were ready to potty train, we read books about favorite characters while using the potty (this onewas one of our faves).

2. Try some apps. There are some really cute, fun apps that help kids understand and get excited about potty training. The Potty Training Learning With the Animals App is a great one to start with.

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3. Give them ownership of the experience. Have them help pick out the potty seat or potty training toilet they’re going to use (frankly, we always liked the seats better — they take up less room, and they get kids used to an actual toilet). Let them come along to pick out Easy-Ups for potty training — they’re a great way to bridge the gap between diapers and underwear. Kids can put them on and take them off themselves, but if you’re out and about, you can still prevent a big mess if your child has an accident.

6 ways to make potty training fun!

4. Have a potty party. It’s up to you how big you want to do this. Chances are your peanut isn’t the only one potty training right now, so you could invite some friends over to kick off the big event (and maybe get some positive reinforcement when they realize all their friends are using the potty as well). Or you could just have a special lunch together and a low-key celebration with just the two of you. Let them announce to friends and family (those who will understand and get excited) that they’re potty training. Maybe make a special phone call to Grandma, or a favorite aunt or uncle who will cheer them on.

6 ways to make potty training fun!

5. Set a silly timer. For the first few days of potty training, we did best if the kids went to the bathroom at consistent times. I started with every 20-30 minutes. We’d spend a few days close to home, I’d set a timer to go off every 20 minutes, and when it did, we’d stop what we were doing and go potty. And since I had my cell phone with me constantly, I’d set a silly-sounding alarm (like the duck quacking one) — an alarm that was just used for potty breaks.

6. Implement a sticker chart. Sticker charts are always a great way to motivate kids — you can start out giving stickers each time your child goes potty, and as they get more consistent, switch to giving stickers for each day they stay dry. After a certain number of stickers, go out for a treat together.

6 ways to make potty training fun!

Keep in mind that every child goes at a different pace. Not one of the “Potty Train Your Child in 3 Days” books ever worked for me. It took us a lot longer. Whether you have a fast potty trainer, or a child who takes his time, they’ll get there eventually. Take a deep breath, relax, and have as much fun with it as you can.

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7 Potty Training Hacks To Get Your Toddler To Use The Toilet

We were all toddlers once, remember that? We were young, free… and didn’t care if we had full diapers. 


Try Now the Potty Training app

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For the majority of us, those days are long gone- mostly thanks to our parents’ endless patience and willingness to clean up after us, again and again. 

In fact, you’re probably reading this article because now, the tables have turned – it’s now your turn to teach your little one to use the toilet, and you’re probably wondering where to start.  Well, look no further, because we’ve put together a list of seven potty training hacks to help you get the process started,  while keeping your sanity intact!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with offering a little treat/a little bribe  (a small piece of candy,  a small toy etc) as an incentive to use the potty.  A little bribery never hurt anybody!

Use Reward Charts!

If you’re not keen on bribery (or on giving your kids candy), why not try to motivate them with reward charts.  Kids love stickers, and there are so many cartoon character options now – you can even make your own!

The Songs Are Always Worth A Shot

Sing ! sing! sing!! there is a very good song (and usefull) and kids adore it!! : 

If you want to go a little more high tech, why not try our award-winning potty training app “Potty Training – Learning With The Animals.” Check it out here:


It has everything kids love: songs, animals… and even animals using the potty!

For Boys, Try A Little Target Practise!

Put a cheerio in the bottom of the bowl, and get them to ‘hit the target’.  They’ll love the game and you’ll love the results.

Nobody Wants To Fall Down The Toilet…

…so stop this from happening by buying your kid their own toilet seat.  There are several varities to choose from, so the possibilities are endless!

Make Up A “Pee Pee” song

It can be to any tune you like, but the important thing is to be enthusiastic! And the best thing about kids isthat they won’t judge you!

Remember, It Takes A LOT of Time

No matter what you do, this process takes a LONG time, and that’s OK.  However, to stop staining on your toddler’s sheets, try using rubber undersheets, or even puppy pads. 

Remember, it will all work out in the end!

7 potty Training Hacks for Day Drinking Moms

Mark your calendars! This is a big day! The Potty Training Olympics has begun! Little Bobby, Chrissy, Danny, Jeannie have mastered solid foods (mostly yours), the word ‘no’ is the new anthem of your home and these little darlings are refusing to be clothed from the waist down.

Potty training Hacks

The signs are everywhere.. The fully loaded diapers on your freshly polished coffee table, mysterious yet strategic puddles appear around the house, and the dog is nervous with the “Dammit, I didn’t do it!” look on his face. Straighten your back, the games have officially begun.

Here are 7 Potty Training Hack to keep you sane and the wines that pair nicely.  Let’s begin.


  1. Let little Sally choose her potty.  Style and comfort are everything.  If she likes it, she’ll be happy to use it.  Depending on the season your little darling started his or her training, a nice Australian Shiraz will take the edge off  when Sally does the limp leg fallout in Baby’s R’ Us when she wants all 3 pottys instead of 1.Potty Training Hacks
  2. Set a  regular schedule for Potty time.  A great time is after Breakfast or right after the first snack of the day.  I always chose when  the Price is Right has started so I’d having something to do while my little one examined how far his finger can go up is nose.  A mimosa fits nice right here.  If you’re concerned about the calories from all the sitting, use grapefruit juice. Potty Training Clock
  3. Staying with the theme of keeping it special and personal for little Johnny, let him have his own roll of toilet paper. Set his toilet paper right next to the family roll in the bathroom.  This encourages independence and keeps the “Milky Way” stains off of the family roll when things get messy. A Pinot Noir will slow down the tears when Johnny’s “Milky Way” stains go beyond the barriers of the bathroom and onto the arm of your sofa. Toilet training Paper Hack
  4. If you have a weak constitution, a coffee filter in the potty makes for a perfect clean up.  The accordion- style filters are ideal.  If you use the cone shape filters, the risk is higher for getting it on your hands! A Chilean Carmenere will give you a steady hand or just the giggles if nature’s body mud touches you. Potty Training Coffee Filter
  5. Sing!! there is no better one that this one “Potty Training Video for Toddlers to watch
  6. After the first release, be sure to celebrate.  It’s also a great opportunity to introduce Pull-Ups to show that they have crossed over from baby to full grown Ankle Biter.  This is a very somber moment. Your baby is growing up and this may call for a blend.. A White Bordeaux is a perfect sidekick. potty training celebration hack
  7. If you still need a few extra ideas to get you through, there are some really great books available.  Potty training learning with the animals book and app  are really popular.  If this doesn’t help, it may be time for a Bible.. A Merlot will keep you from swearing in front of the Good Word..

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  1. Potty training hacks


15+ Hilarious Pics That Prove Kids Can Sleep Potty training

Kids can sleep anywhere. And by anywhere, we mean anywhere. Take a look at these pictures to see what we mean. Compiled by Potty training learning with the animals, the list is sure to make you laugh whether you’re a parent or not. Because while we grown-ups look at things in a certain way, kids look at them from a totally different perspective.

Scroll through the pictures below.

See how these kids have managed to sleep over the potty while potty training!

Got any pictures to share? Then add them to the list!


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