Potty Training challenge

Community Based potty training Challenge !

Potty Training Challenge

Community based challenge so parents can do it: fast, easy & stress free.

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You'll do daily Potty training Activities that will boost your childs Proces.

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Potty training Challenge
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(Because who really wants to potty train in any other way?)


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Potty training review

"Thanks Cami for this Challenge. I Started before the challenge with my son process. But he was afraid to the toilet. And with the challenge he stopped having fear to the toilet. Many new moms may underestimate the activities, and find the method so easy and simple. But for those of us who already know how difficult this process can be, know the activities are well thought and are the only way to take away the fear."
"After 5 days of the challenge Emi was 100% potty trained!. He Even started cleaning himself and raising his pants "
Maria Clara - Mom of Emiliano 26 months.
"This challenge is worth it! Too good. The best of all was the group and community on Facebook "
Camila Gaviria
"I loved that everything was sent as Infographic with little text, lots of videos and lots of examples!! . Loooved it!!"
– Lina, Heather
"This is incredible!! I loved the Method, Cami and Jane are all the time helping and giving advice on everything!!"
– Super recomended - Lorena Ramirez!!
"Makes perfect sense during potty training: I never thought of doing this process it this way, but it makes perfect sense."
– P Thompson.

What´s Included


Welcome, Potty trainers!

glitter32.pngWelcome! Watch This First

Stage 1 - Focuses on #4 cause of  Potty training  FAILURE:  Fear to the potty  

glitter32.pngActivity 1 - Objective:  Feel comfortable in the bathroom

glitter32.pngActivity 2 - Objective: Make him/her feel like a big kid!

glitter32.pngActivity 3 - Objective: Be Fearless toward the Potty

glitter32.pngActivity 4 -Objective: Be Happy in the Potty Room.

glitter32.pngActivity 5 -Objective: Be excited toward using the potty.

glitter32.pngActivity 6 -Objective: Be unafraid toward the Potty

glitter32.pngActivity 7 -Objective: Visual learning as a tool toward trainign development.


So what are you waiting for? Help Your Child Become a Potty Training Ninja!

Step by Step Guided Course

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