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Transform your Diaper Lover Into a Potty Trained Ninja

Potty training: Learning with the Animals is a fun, humorous app that saves parents from overwhelm by making potty training a cinch!

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Why I had to create this app

The Insider's Secret to Potty Training Your Toddler

Do you constantly feel like you're sabotaging your child's potty training? Like you're trying to control a process that should happen naturally?

Sad story: You're not alone.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more children suffer abuse during this period, than at any other developmental phase.

Parents have high expectations for their children, and when things don't go quite smoothly – a damaging fear sneaks its way into the potty training process.

 Potty training tips

I've seen it all: from high fives to stickers, parents faithfully execute on any strategy that may work, only to become tragically disappointed when they're forced to continue stockpiling on Huggies diapers.

As a young mother, I experienced the same problem. And paid the same consequences over and over again, until I realized that my kids were quite simply bored.

Going to the potty was a chore, and an inconvenience, when it needed to be fun.

 trailer video After discovering that kids learn best through stories, I created Potty Training: Learning With the Animals - a bright, animated story app, that ultimately helped me captivate my child's interest in potty training by tapping into his love for animals.

As Dr. Seuss says, "These things are fun and fun is good!"

Through an engaging interface, fully equipped with delightful graphics, catchy sing-a-longs, and step-by-step training guides, Potty Training: Learning With the Animals helps parents finally experience this same, indescribable satisfaction of raising an extremely independent toddler who virtually cruises through the potty training process!

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Relieve Your Home of Diapers Forever!

Validate Your Business Idea

What You & Your Toddler Will Discover:

A dynamic series of activities, games and stories that will pave the way to successful potty training

Tailored to the whimsical nature of young minds, Potty Training: Learning With the Animals combines interactive games, animated experiences, and research based methodology to fully immerse your child in the potty training process. This app will help your little one:

glitter32.pngLearn the "logistics" of potty training (i.e. Where does the "poop and pee go?")

glitter32.png Eliminate or reduce potty accidents

glitter32.pngConnect feelings such as "butterflies in the tummy" to action steps in the potty training process

Treat this app as your potty training manual, something you can repeatedly go back to for engaging, practical advice on how to potty train your toddler in way that makes the process fun, effortless, and exciting!

Potty Training: Learning With The Animals Includes 5 Main Tools:

  • Video Tutorial: Learn the powerful, 8 step framework that will guide you along the clear path to success in potty training
  • Animated Story: A cute, clever story following toddlers, Iaa and Agus, who will become motivational guides for your children as they face a very real obstacle - how do we let go of our diapers?
  • Interactive Game: Kids love to lead! This interactive app taps into your children's love for animals by giving them the responsibility of potty training their furry friends.
  • Motivational Song: Super catchy, uplifting song that motivates your child to go to the potty on time, every-time
  • Printable Coloring Book: A fun way to reinforce the steps of the potty training process. Let your toddler print, color, and proudly display his or her work on the refrigerator!
Dowload potty training app for itunes Dowload potty training app for android

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"Potty Training Learning With The Animals was highligted as one of the 6 SMART ways to mak Potty Training Fun."
Baby Center
"Potty Training Learning with the animals app, has been highlighted as one of the best ways Of Ways To Make Potty Training Easier"
Buzz Feed
"Andrea has been playing with this Potty Training app non stop, she even requests to play it while sitting on her potty. She feels extra proud when helping the animals to get to the bathroom in time and I have to think that this has aided in growing her interest of using the potty"
Amanda- Mominity
"Selected as the BEST potty training app. Using this hands-on approach in combination with the fascinating animal attraction is a sure fire way to help toddlers learn to use the potty with less stress. My kids are (thankfully) years past potty training, and we didn't have apps back then. But for all of those who get the joy of toddlers learning now, Potty Training Learning with the animals is a fun take to support the concept. All of the animals have butterflies in their tummies when they need to go, and with a little help from the user they make their way to various types of potties or toilets. The animals all are pictured in a familiar environment, making it fun for little ones who love animals. There's even a potty dance song that will likely be loved by all young children"
– Smart Apps for Kids, Heather
"The app is very tastefully done. The animals are familiar ones every kid is familiar with, dog, cat horse, lion. And it is gender inclusive with a boy and girl to choose from. There aren’t any actual bodily noises or showing of pee of poo, so it is good clean fun but the child can still understand what is going on."
– Real Moms Real Views
"Makes perfect sense during potty training: The narrator tells them they usually feel butterflies in their stomach when the need to go. That right there is worth this training app. I never thought of describing it that way, but it makes perfect sense."
– Deb Thompson.

So what are you waiting for? Help Your Child Become a Potty Training Ninja!

Dowload potty training app for itunes
Dowload potty training app for android

Watch your toddler join Isa & Agus on a fun-filled potty training adventure. Get the app today!

Dowload potty training app for itunes
Dowload potty training app for android